Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of student would be a good fit for these classes?

The most important criteria for our students is that they show an interest in art and want to learn. That’s most of what there is to it! Kolea Art Studio is an especially good fit for students who are curious to explore multiple artistic media (art making materials) and subjects to discover what they like to work with. It is also great for students who would like to add an element of reflection and thoughtfulness to their artwork so that their art has personal meaning for them. These classes would be a good fit for any student who wants an art class that strikes a balance between technical skill-learning and flexible creative expression.


What is the expected parental involvement in these classes?

It is generally helpful for students who are six years and under to have a parent nearby in case they need physical assistance. Older students are generally fine on their own, although seven and eight year-olds may still want an adult within hearing range just in case. Parents will be informed in the class description on our upcoming classes page if there is a project that is likely to involve another set of hands to help. Parents will also be informed (also in the class description on our upcoming classes page) regarding the messiness potential of projects so that they can protect their space from the possible messes that sometimes accompany creative endeavors.


What can I expect my student to get out of this class?

Students at Kolea Art Studio will have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of artmaking techniques and will learn which art making processes they enjoy the most. They will also be challenged to make their art personally meaningful. Some projects will be geared toward learning technical skill, and others will be purely expression-based. In an effort to cultivate the benefits from both ways of art making, each group of classes will have some of both of these types of projects. For us, the balance between these is very important because they engage different parts of artists' brains. Technical projects help artists strengthen their prefrontal cortex, which is involved in decision-making and planning, and the expressive projects help them with self-awareness of their bodies and emotions, and can help them learn ways to calm themselves.


Within this context, we believe that the uniqueness of each student’s artwork is something to be celebrated and encouraged! Parents can expect their students to learn about themselves as young artists and people as they explore emotions through their art. Students can expect to meet others who share an interest in art, and make positive connections with new people.


When are new classes posted?

Classes for the following month are typically posted and open for scheduling on the first week of the present month. 


How big are your class sizes?

Our classes have between two and six students.


What ages do you work with?

We currently offer classes for ages four through teen. The age range appropriate for each class is listed on the class description. In general, ages four through nine will be in the same classes, while ages ten and up will be together in more advanced classes. 


What is your cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation, a refund is possible if the cancellation is done at least a day in advance. Otherwise the spot is held for the enrolled student and it cannot be made available to others. For this reason, cancellations on the day of are not eligible for refund. 


What kind of software do I need for my child to attend class?

We use Zoom in our classes. A link will be provided to you through email after enrollment. 


What is the best set-up for my child during the online classes?

The best set-up for students in our online classes is in a quiet spot away from distractions. It is helpful if students keep their cameras on and turned so that the instructor can see students' faces. This makes it easier to help students in their process and know more quickly when they might need more assistance. 


What happens if my child misses their class?

Currently we are unable to offer makeup classes because each class will typically build off of the previous day of class in the series. If a day of class is missed and the student is already enrolled, instructions may be given on how to get the student caught up in time to participate in some of the projects, although the extent to which this is possible will rely on student ability and age, parent ability to help, the nature of the specific project at hand, and the timing of the absence. The handling of missed classes and work is up to the discretion of the instructor and on a case by case basis. 


How long are classes?

Classes are an hour to an hour and a half long depending on the particular class. Classes for students under nine years old are always an hour long, while classes for older students are sometimes longer. Class length is specified in the description for each class.


Do you offer private lessons?

Yes, we do offer private lessons. They are scheduled on a case by case basis in order to accomodate the schedules of the instructor and the family. Those interested in this option would contact Kirsten at or 425-405-0161 to inquire. Pricing per student would change depending on the length of classes and the number of other students in the group.


What kinds of materials does my child need?

Each class will have specific materials for the sessions. Materials needed are listed in the main description of the class. When possible, we try to use materials that families are more likely to already have on hand from school or for general household use. All required class materials are readily available online, in the art section of stores such as Fred Meyer, and at craft stores such as Ben Franklin or Michaels. Note- If you need to purchase materials for the class, this special Amazon list includes some easy suggestions:


Materials used in class outside of general household supplies may include the following:



White printer paper or any white paper

Black paper

Watercolor paper or multimedia paper (thicker paper to be used with paint without tearing)

Oil Pastels (small set, usually 12)

Chalk pastels (aka soft pastels, not sidewalk chalk/drawing chalk) (small set, usually 12)

Colored Pencils (set of 12 or larger)

Basic watercolor set (with at least yellow, blue, and red) (students in the under 10 class may substitute set of markers in lieu of watercolors)

Crayons (small set) (for students in the under 10 classes only)

Paintbrush/es (soft, not bristly)

Liquid paint (acrylic, tempera, or poster paint) (should include at least white, red, yellow, and blue)


Feel free to ask me about art materials if you have any!


How do I enroll multiple children in the same class?

Each student will need to be enrolled individually, so the sign up form will need to be completed once for each child that is in the same class. In the case of cancellation for one child and not another in the same class, cancellation may be done yourself. The software will require you to cancel all reserved student spots in the same class, but you may reschedule students who will still attend. Since full payment is taken at enrollment, contact Kirsten at 425-405-0161 or to prevent any double charges by the software at reschedule.


Do you do virtual birthday parties?

No, we do not offer virtual birthday parties at this time. 


What is the pricing for your classes?

The price for each class will vary on how many classes are in the series and the length of the class. The price for those are listed in the description of each class. 


Do you do in-person classes?

At the moment we do not offer in-person classes due to Covid. After the current restrictions are lifted, we will explore the option of indoors in-person classes and outdoor summer sessions. Currently our classes are only offered online.


Do you ever repeat classes?

Popular classes with high enrollment may be repeated throughout the year, while seasonal classes will repeat annually. 


My child has a special interest. Is it possible that there will be a class about this subject?

If a student has a particular interest that they want to explore, I would love to hear about it! It excites me to work with students in the subject matter that they are the most passionate about. You can email me at, or call 425-405-0161 to reach me. If there are multiple students interested in learning about a particular subject and it is a subject that I can offer assistance with, I would consider opening a class offering.