What makes Kolea Art Studio unique?

Students at Kolea Art Studio will have the opportunity to be exposed to a variety of artmaking techniques and will learn which art making processes they enjoy the most. They will also be challenged to make their art personally meaningful. Some projects will be geared toward learning technical skill, and others will be purely expression-based. In an effort to cultivate the benefits from both ways of art making, each group of classes will have some of both of these types of projects. For us, the balance between these is very important because they engage different parts of artists' brains. Technical projects help artists strengthen their prefrontal cortex, which is involved in decision-making, self control, and planning, and the expressive projects help them cultivate awareness of body and emotions, and can help young artists learn ways to calm themselves.


One other aspect of our classes that stands out is our small class size, between two and six students. The high teacher to student ratio allows students to build personal connections with the teacher and their fellow classmates. It also allows the teacher to give each student personal attention and feedback. Our philosophy stresses the importance of positive relationships to provide encouragement and support during the learning process. We believe strongly that people learn best within the context of safety and belonging. 





It is important to us that we serve students both in their journeys as growing artists and also as growing people. This means that we use art as a vehicle to help our students learn about who they are, what they like, and what they might want to learn more about. For us, art class is not only a place to learn technique, although students will be coached in technique as well, but also as a place to experiment, explore themselves, and learn another way to share their voices with the world.


Art is a powerful tool for personal and artistic exploration because its spontaneous and emotional capacities may be used to express ourselves without words. This may be an especially useful tool for those students who prefer the language of image to the language of words. Kolea Art Studio is excited to act as a gentle guide to provide a starting point for young artists who are curious to try on different processes and work with creative promts in a fun and structured yet flexible environment. We look forward to working with you!